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  • Most of us know that the filing deadline for the self assessment (personal) tax return online for 2012/2013 is due by 31st January 2014!

    Some unacceptable lame excuses

    1. A Kent Financial Services firm "doesn't really do anything".

    2. "My wife will not give me my mail" complained a self employed trader. May be he has been naughty!

    3. A woman was unable to "concentrate on anything else" when she saw a volcanic explosion on television.

    4. A pet goldfish passed away.

    5. A Midlands farmer ran into a COW.

    6. A Leicester hairdresser was told by her husband that the filing deadline was 31st March and she believed him. When in doubt, put the blame on the other half!

    7. A taxi driver had a bad back and could not go upstairs to fetch his tax return although he was able to work.

    8. A man had been cruising round the world on his yatch and could only pick up post when he was on dry land.

    9. A writer was busy touring the country with a one-man play.

    10. To top it all, a London accountant had been too busy submitting his clients' tax returns to do his own!

    Reasonable excuses

    HMRC will accept some excuses when some unforeseen or unusual event occurs beyond your control. Such examples are:

    - A failure in HMRC computer system.

    - Your computer breaks down whilst you are in the process of preparing your tax return online.

    - You suffered a serious illness, disability or serious mental health condition.

    - You registered for HMRC Online Services but did not obtain your Activation code on time.

    You need to demonstrate that you are making a reasonable effort to meet the deadline. Submit your tax return as soon as you can!

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