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  • What is a P800?

    P800 is a tax calculation that HMRC sends to check whether too much or too little tax has been paid.

    Who will receive the P800 tax calculation?

    P800 will be sent to those who have income taxed under (Pay As You Earn) PAYE, and those who have not been asked by HMRC to complete a self assessment tax return.


    Check all entries on your tax calculation. HMRC does not have direct access to non-PAYE income such as bank interest and other investment income. HMRC may use estimates.


    Do not panic! Contact HMRC if there are any errors on your P800.

    If you need any assistance, please contact:

    Valerie Chan

    Tel: 0208 682 3122

    Mobile: 079 39 25 89 00

    Website: www.vfaccountants.co.uk



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